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Mon Mar 17 15:00:39 EDT 2008

Every Drop Counts:  A World Water Day Celebration

Tuesday, March 18 from 7:00 to 9:00pm
Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue) at University of Toronto
Admission:  Pay What You Can
More Info at

Join Oxfam and the Council of Canadians Toronto Chapter for a screening
of the film “Dead in the Water” which examines corporate control of the
world’s water resources, followed by engaging discussions by several guest
speakers regarding current issues about water and sanitation.  Light
refreshments will be served.



WED MARCH 19, 2008 4:10 p.m.
New room: 1220, Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 St. George
St., north of College St.

CASSANDRA POLYZOU, Toxic Nation Coordinator, Environmental Defence

Directions: Two blocks of the Queen's Park TTC station.
The Bahen Centre is north of College St. adjacent to the Koffler
Student Services Centre. When entering at 40 St. George, the room is on
street level at far (west) end of long main hall, on the left side.
Parking: underground at rear of Bahen Centre, at 213 Huron St., 1 block
west, north of College St.; please call 416-978-PARK for info and rates.

No registration or fee required; all are welcome.

ABSTRACT: Exposure to toxic chemicals is a pressing health issue and a hot
topic on consumers’ minds. Scientific research has shown that exposure to
toxic chemicals is linked to several forms of cancer, developmental and
reproductive problems, including birth defects, learning disabilities and
obesity. Health is consistently at the top of Canadians’ list of concerns,
yet in many instances people lack information about how they are affected
by chemicals in their environment or what they can do about it. Through
its Toxic Nation campaign, Environmental Defence, a nonprofit
environmental organization based in Toronto, strives to inform Canadians
on how they can protect themselves and their families from exposure to
toxins. Its studies have tested Canadians for a slew of toxic chemicals
from bisphenol A to heavy metals, working closely with scientists
currently adding to the growing
data on human exposure and potential health effects of toxic chemicals.
This presentation will feature the case study of bisphenol A as an example
of a toxic chemical suspected of having health effects for decades and
used in consumer products for over 40 years, but only now being considered
for regulation.

Environmental Defence petitions and works with federal and provincial
governments to strengthen standards for toxic chemicals found in everyday
products and industrial processes.  Stronger regulations are urgently
needed to match public concern and the current scientific understanding of
the human health risks of toxic chemicals in our modern lives.  (Please
visit <> and
<> for more information.)

Visit <> for
schedule updates, abstracts and
speakers' bios. To receive regular email messages with the same
information, please contact
Pavel Pripa (416-978-6526;
<mailto:environment.seminars at>environment.seminars at


Thomas Homer-Dixon and Ross Gelbspan on Climate Change
Thursday 20th 7:30 pm.
Isabel Bader Theater (Charles St. east of Avenue Rd)

This interactive session will bring together the scientific and
geopolitical aspects of climate change. Ross Gelbspan a Pulitzer Prize
winner has published two immensely influential books on climate change.
Thomas Homer-Dixon has also published best-selling books on the topic of
resource scarcity and environmental degradation in a political context.
With the wealth of experience and student interaction, this lecture
promises to be one of the best of the year. Admission is free.


The Disgrace of Social Housing in Toronto
Thursday, March 20 @ 7 pm
OISE, 252 Bloor St. West, Room 2-211 (at St. George subway)
INFO: 416.535.8779; web:
Everyone is welcome; $2 donation is requested

OCAP leads fight against Liberal corporate agenda at Queen's Park and City

Speaker: John Clarke, an organizer for the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.


CREATIVE ACTIVISM — Opening: Thursday March 20, 8 to 10 pm.  After party
to follow.

Toronto Free Gallery - New location 1277 Bloor at Lansdowne
The show will include installations from over a dozen activist groups
including Streets are for People

Part street theatre, part protest, the message from Toronto activist group
Streets are for People! to take back the commons is always accompanied by
laughter and play. Stumble upon many a silly object in the tree-fort
headquarters of these city-planning urban pranksters. In this veritable
toy-box cockpit, musical instruments and silk-screening equipment sit
snugly by sledge-hammers and pylons.  Here,  you’ll begin to understand
how Temporary Autonomous Zones can be invoked with bits of cardboard, how
the psychogeography of the city streets is completely altered with a clown
nose, and how ultimately, the paintbrush will save us from the tyranny of
the boxes we watch, work, shop, and drive in–boxes that pollute the
biosphere, alienate us and enslave our minds.


Differing Perspectives on the Gardasil/HPV-Vaccination Program in Ontario

Vinita Dubey, Associate Medical Officer of Health,
Division of Communicable Diseases, Toronto Public Health

Anne Rochon Ford, Coordinator
Women and Health Protection Working Group

Angus Dawson, Visiting Faculty Fellow
Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto

Trudo Lemmens, Associate Professor
Faculties of Law and Medicine

Thursday, March 20, 2008
2:00 ˆ 4:00 p.m.
Room: Flavelle B ˆ 78 Queen's Park

Jointly sponsored by the U of T Faculty of Law, the Department of Public
Health Sciences, and the Joint Centre for Bioethics

Following a 2007 federal government initiative, the Ontario government has
introduced a $117 million program to vaccinate all grade 8 girls with
Gardasil, one of the vaccines developed against the HPV-virus. The program
is being offered to approximately 84,000 girls and young women through the
Ontario schools.

While promoted by many public health agencies and endorsed by others, the
program has not been without controversy. Reports in, among other venues,
the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the media have been critical
of different aspects of the program.

All welcome. For further information, contact:
Nadia Gulezko
P: 416-978-6767
Email: n.gulezko at


Petition for a car free St George street, to be given to University of
Toronto Governing Council

By signing this petition I agree to the creation of a car free and
truck free St. George Street spanning from Bloor Street to College Street.

This portion of St. George Street will be a pedestrian zone
permanently blocked off to vehicular traffic (with the exception of
emergency vehicles), thus reclaiming the rights of students, staff and
faculty members to a healthy environment free of exhaust from thoroughfare
and idling vehicles, the right to a safe space for pedestrians and
cyclists as well as the right of access to communal space which is free of
air and noise pollution.

The arguments to be made for this cause can be framed in psychological,
philosophical, architectural, cultural and most importantly of all
environmental language.

We understand that this petition is bound to raise objections from
individuals who feel it is 
their right to retain vehicular access to every part of our campus because
that is the way it has always been done. We also understand that this
petition has the potential to spark a virtually endless debate about
whether having cars on St. George Street is necessary.

As we can not answer these questions for everybody it is up to you as
reader and member of the UofT community to ask yourself if you would
prefer St. George Street to remain the noisy, loud, dangerous and
unfriendly space that it is, or if you want to take a stand and be part of
the solution of turning it into a pedestrian zone by signing this petition
to demand a 
car free space at UofT.

Sign petition:


Community Forum on the
National Anti-Drug Strategy

Do you think drug use is a health issue or a criminal justice issue?
Do you want Canada to follow the US style "War on Drugs?"
Do you agree with the elimination of harm reduction?
Come and discuss the implications of the National Anti-Drug Strategy:

Wednesday March 26, 2008
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Council Chambers
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West

Opening Remarks:   Mayor David Miller
Moderator:                Councillor Kyle Rae
Panel Speakers:
Eugene Oscapella,  Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
Joanne Dallaire:       First Nations Elder, John Howard Society of Toronto
Tara Lyons:              Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Open Mic Session:   An opportunity to have your voice heard

This event is co-hosted by the Toronto Drug Strategy Implementation Panel,
the Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force & the Harm Reduction Action Group



Ontario Alternative Budget

The Ontario Alternative Budget will be hosting a workshop at Queen's
Park the day after the Provincial Budget for reactions and evaluations
of the 2008 Ontario Budget.

Join us!

Wednesday March 26, 2008
10 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
Queen's Park Legislative Building, Committee Room 228, West Wing

The agenda will include short presentations on key areas of the budget
and we will invite the Finance Minister and Finance Critics to speak on
the 2008 Ontario Budget.

You must let us know you are coming in advance. Please RSVP to Andrea
Calver by Thursday March 20th at 416-538-0628 x 4 or email
andreacalver at

Thanks and see you at Queen's Park!


Earth Hour - turn off your power for one hour
Saturday, March 29 @ 8 pm - 9 pm
CONTACT: Eco-Net's events calendar email:

Wherever you are, simply turn off the lights and electrical appliances
for this short time.  Happening all around the WORLD!  Take a stand
on climate change. City of Hamilton has officially joined in this challenge
as well as other Ontario communities.


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