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News about nuclear energy in Ontario and around the world.

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    No Nukes News

April 1, 2014 –  Please pass this onto a friend!

 <> Nuclear generation up, electricity prices up The amount of power supplied by nuclear plants in Ontario has increased by 44% since 2003. Over the same period, the wholesale cost of electricity has also risen by 50% — just more evidence that high cost, high risk nuclear power is no bargain.

 <> Special April (Nuclear) Fools edition of NukeWatch Quarterly Not quite real news about Nuclear Weapons, Power, Waste & Nonviolent Resistance

The World

☢  <> Concerns Over Measurement of Fukushima Fallout NY Times piece. University researchers in Japan say that even now, three years after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, they feel under pressure to play down the impact of the disaster. Some say they cannot get funds or university support for their work. In several cases, the professors say, they have been obstructed or told to steer clear of data that might cause public “concern.”

☢  <> Nuclear Timeline Comprising almost 200 events, the timeline traces the long legacy of nuclear security threats and policies. It covers scientific and technological breakthroughs, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the emergence of non-proliferation efforts, (near) disasters, and the advent of nuclear security initiatives to confront the growing threat of smuggling rings, and terrorist groups. It contains links to Treaty texts, relevant websites, illustrations and videos.

☢  <> Bill C-22: Nuclear Companies Win the Jackpot Prime Minister Harper has proposed a new law to shield nuclear companies from responsibility in the event of an accident. It's reckless to give any industry the legislated right to gamble with the lives and livelihoods of Canadians.

☢  <> 3.11: Surviving Japan <>  Inside story of 2011 Japanese Tsunami relief & Fukushima nuclear disaster. Feature length video on demand.

☢  <> CAMECO - Stop Promoting Radiation Junk Science Canadian-based Cameco Corporation is the world’s second largest uranium mining company. Cameco has consistently promoted the fringe scientific view that exposure to low-level radiation is harmless.

☢  <> Japan’s Plutonium Plans Stoke China Tensions on A-Bomb Risk As background to this piece,  <> Dr. Gordon Edwards writes a commentary on the nuclear explosive materials in question: 1) Highly Enriched Uranium or HEU, and 2) Plutonium or Pu.

☢  <> Covert mission: Plutonium source might be Canada Questions are now being raised about whether the sensitive cargo that originated here in Canada included recycled plutonium. An eight-kilogram piece of plutonium-239 the size of a grapefruit could obliterate much of Ottawa in seconds — as it did to Nagasaki in August 1945. It’s aptly named after the ancient Greek god of the underworld.

☢  <> Water Used by Power Plants – Infographic Nuclear uses a lot of water! Darlington dumps the equivalent of an Olympic-size swimming pool of contaminated water into Lake Ontario every fifteen seconds.

☢  <> Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink Here’s an overview by Dr. Gordon Edwards on what’s happening with water contamination at the beleaguered Fukushima plant.

☢  <> 2014 Webinar Series on Nuclear Waste Now Archived Northwatch's February 2014 series of on-line workshops about nuclear waste in Canada archived on-line.

☢  <> Chernobyl Trees Barely Decomposed, Study Finds Radiation is known to have harmful effects on microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. In the event of a forest fire, 28 years' worth of undecayed leaves (and trees) would provide an ideal fuel for the fire, which could then spread radiation throughout the region. "That would end up moving radiocesium and other contaminants via smoke into populated areas."

☢  <> IPCC report: climate change felt 'on all continents and across the oceans'



☢ The Notorious Pickering Nuclear Plant <>  Pickering has reached the end of its operational life.  OPG is proposing to continue operating Pickering for five years after its “best before” date by patching up systems and papering over cracks. There’s a better answer. Shutdown the increasingly dangerous Pickering Station in 2015 and make a deal with our neighbours in Quebec to import safe and low cost water power. 

☢ U.S. delays moving armed convoys <>  carrying nuclear waste through eastern Ontario Armed convoys of trucks ferrying intensely radioactive liquid through eastern Ontario from Chalk River to the United States will be delayed for at least another 17 months, according to the U.S. government. 

☢ New Mexico cancels permit to expand leaky nuclear waste site <>  What impact will this have on similar plans to bury ON’s nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron? Here’s another piece <>  on the leaking WIPP site by Bob Alvarez. 

☢ Time for Energy Rate Affordability Program in Ontario <>  LIEN (Low-Income Energy Network) has been advocating a comprehensive solution to energy poverty in Ontario over the last ten years. From emergency energy assistance, to low-income energy conservation programs, to better terms of service for low-income consumers, there has been great progress in the province. But the missing link is an Energy Rate Affordability Program to make sure that electricity bills are within reach for low income consumers.


Renewables and Conservation

☼  <> Carbon crash – solar dawn Renewables and associated storage, transport and digital technologies are so rapidly disrupting whole industries’ business models they are pushing the fossil fuel industry towards inevitable collapse. The game is up for fossil fuels (and nukes).

☢  <> Morgan Stanley: Tipping point nears for going off grid Investment bank Morgan Stanley says that falling costs of both solar modules and battery storage presents a potential tipping point that would encourage huge numbers of homeowners and businesses in the US to go off grid.

☢  <> New England seeking to tap Canadian hydropower A 300-mile power cable dubbed the “Green Line” would tap Canada's plentiful hydropower to meet the needs of power-hungry southern New England. Why don’t we Ontarians buy it instead and forgo the much higher-cost Darlington rebuild?


Take Action!

☢  <> Stop the Pickering 5-year Extension Find out more here, and write a submission to the CNSC saying no to the extension. We can’t afford a Fukushima on Lake Ontario

☢  <> Tell Stephen Harper: Nuclear Polluters Must Pay A Greenpeace Canada petition to amend the Nuclear Liability Act. For more info on nuclear liability in Canada, click  <> here. And read transcripts from Parliament  <> here.

☢  <> Stop OPG's 30% price increase With a few clicks you can let all the ON Party Leaders know that you oppose OPG’s 30% nuclear price increase and that you favour lower-cost and greener options to meeting our electricity needs. Learn more  <> here, sign  <> here, order free leaflets  <> here.
☢  <> Quebec imports can save us $1 billion per year As our  <> new pamphlet explains, importing clean hydro power from Quebec is a much cheaper way to meet our electricity needs than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Plant.  <> Order free copies today to distribute to your neighbours, family and friends.

☢  <> Premier Kathleen Wynne : Close the Pickering Nuclear Station Please sign the petition.

☢  <> Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron



☢  <> 14th Annual Halton Eco Festival Saturday, April 5, 10 – 5 p.m. Glen Abbey Community Centre, Oakville, ON. Angela from OCAA is speaking at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

☢  <> Energy Efficiency in your home Sat. April 5, 1 - 3 p.m., 1499 Queen Street West, Toronto.

☢  <> All-Energy 2014 A multi-stream world class conference, and a free-to-attend busy trade show showcasing the complete range of renewable and sustainable technologies. April 9-10, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

☢  <> Global Day of Action Against Military Spending Mon. April 14, 7 p.m., OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor Street W. Toronto with Richard Sanders, Founder of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


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